Meet our professional and experienced team

Jack Lee – HCM CapitalIt is great to see Ethereum Classic Labs’ work in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among the community. I am impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the early startups which Ethereum Classic Labs have brought together.

Barry Silbert – Digital Currency GroupEthereum Classic Labs are one of the leading blockchain startup accelerators, and they pride themselves in devoting time and attention to the startups in their program. Ethereum Classic Labs provides unparalleled resources, including advice & guidance from industry leaders. We are looking forward to seeing more creative projects from Ethereum Classic Labs in the future!

Igor Artamonov – ETCDEV CTOEthereum Classic Labs is a significant step to ETC adoption, I believe it will be a catalyst helping to build infrastructure, encouraging and helping many new companies to build truly decentralized applications on ETC blockchain.

Charles Hoskinson – IOHK CEOI am really excited about the creation of Ethereum Classic Labs. This is a major milestone for ETC blockchain. ECL is sure to attract many talented blockchain developers which can only strengthen the ETC ecosystem.


  • Igor Artamonov

    Professional software developer, strong experience with scalable, distributed and fault-tolerant cloud applications, storing and processing big data, security and encryption. The head of ETCDEV team and an architect of the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

  • Isaac Ardis

    Lead developer at ETCDEV, multi-talented in art, painting, researching, language, and coding.

  • Charles Hoskinson

    Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. Founded three cryptocurrency related start-ups to date – Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK.

  • Constantine Kryvomaz

    Currently a server-side developer on the ETCDEV team. Achieved honors degree in Mechanical Engineering at National Transport University of Ukraine. Experienced in Python, C++ and Java development.

  • Tomasz Zdybał

    Software engineer and System Administrator on ETCDEV team. Specializes in C++, Go, Java, SQL, Linux and FreeBSD.

  • Darcy Reno

    Product focused technologist who excels at strategy and execution. Strong blockchain, crypto, media & cloud projects industry experience.