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— Who we are

Ethereum Classic Labs is among the first incubators to accelerate innovative projects on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain (ETC). We are entrepreneurs and technologists who believe that good ideas thrive in a vibrant ecosystem. Our mission is to develop the ETC ecosystem, and to support entrepreneurs and their enterprises. Whether you have a great idea but are unsure of the full range of applications, or you already have a great product but need help taking it to market, Ethereum Classic Labs can help. We provide office space, advice, support, and access to a community of peers. We also provide direct investment in exchange for equity and/or tokens to help your start up grow.

ETC Labs welcomes developers who are creating new tools and frameworks, or new applications on Ethereum Classic. We believe that there are many promising areas for development, some of which are identified below. This list is not exclusive, and we encourage developers whose projects are focusing on other fields to apply.

Application Development: Applications covering critical information storage, game prediction, personal loans, second-hand product record & verification, certificate record & verification, tracking systems, IoT, healthcare & medical information systems, identity management etc.

Tools and Framework Development: Development of Wallets, Smart-Contract IDE’s, Smart-Contract Testing/Deploy Frameworks, New Smart-Contract Languages, Blockchain Explorers, New Virtual Machines, Sidechains etc.

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— Why Ethereum Classic Labs

  • Funding

    Investment for Research & Development in return for equity and/or tokens. Investment size is typically between $100,000 -- $500,000 depending upon the stage of business and the plan for use of proceeds.

  • Office Space

    Ethereum Classic Labs will provide you with office space to work on your project. The office consists of an open seating plan with private meeting rooms available. Ethereum Classic Labs currently has two locations: San Francisco and Singapore, both vibrant hubs of technological innovation.

  • Professional Network

    Ethereum Classic Labs will assist you in cultivating relationships and partnerships with investors, industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs, as well as leading consulting and legal firms.

  • Innovation

    Ethereum Classic Labs will help you to innovate and mature your project. Our industry experts have deep experience guiding successful startup projects, and they will share their expertise, knowledge, and insights.

  • Business Support

    Ethereum Classic Labs strives to ensure that your project is at peak competitiveness in the marketplace. We provide workshops in marketing strategy, user-friendly product design, financial literacy, pitch training and one-to-one mentor sessions to ensure your success.

  • Technology

    Ethereum Classic Labs organizes workshops to share and discuss emerging trends and innovations in blockchain technology, with a focus on ETC and smart contract platforms. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback from ETCDEV team, IOHK and other experienced developers including Igor Artamonov, Isaac Ardis and Charles Hoskinson.

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